Master and Space Master


Versatile and robust suitable for the hobby gardener.

The Master series is the most compact in our range and has two basic models and enables you to choose one or two levels of shelving which can be wide or narrow, or houses are available without shelves.

Details of your Shade/Greenhouse Kit:

  • Door Front Swing/Hinged Door covered with shade cloth & includes a Door Bolt.
  • Frame The frame and shelf supports are made from heavy duty tubular PVC that is sun-protected.
  • Cover Completed in 50% shade cloth or solar plastic, custom sewn into one piece from top quality shade cloth and/or solar weave plastic
  • This one-piece cloth fits over the frame like a tea cosy and is held in place with removable plastic pins.
  • Shelving Galvanised steel mesh-shelving cut and shaped to fit on built-in shelf supports.
  • Assembly Sent “flat packed” in kit form, all pipes and fittings separately identified, the shadehouse is easily assembled using a rubber mallet
  • without the aid of glues and screws.
  • Extras:

  • Base Shelves can be added just above floor level for extra storage etc.
  • A Rain/Frost or Shade Cap - extends down to the bottom of the roof for extreme weather protection.
  • Full winter kit available for shade house (turns your shade house into a greenhouse), please ask for details


  • Unconditional 10 year guarantee on frame and fittings



1.75m wide in modules of 1.2m lengths with one or two levels of shelving each side of doorway or without shelves.

Structure Height 2.03m Width 1.75

Width 48cm Height 1 Tier only 92cm

Shelving Height 1st Tier 70cm
Height 2nd Tier 134cm

Doorway Height 1.73m Width 76cm

Length Modular any multiple of 1.2m

Space Master

2m wide in modules of 1.2m lenghts, Similar to Master but it is wider, higher and has rear shelves. Available without shelves.

Structure Height 2.27m Width 2 m

Shelving Width 55cm
Height 1 Tier only 92cm
Height 1st Tier 70cm
Height 2nd Tier 134cm

Doorway Height 1.73m Width 90 cm

Length Modular any multiple of 1.2m



(with the high-tech woven Solar plastic fabric)



All Aussie Shade Houses are engineered for maximum strength and stability and will never rust corrode.

Our built in design features are:

  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to assemble (in 1-2 hours approx)
  • Built in shelf system
  • Unique long life PVC construction
  • Strong and sturdy
  • One piece custom shade cloth
  • Easily extendible (in multiples of 1.200m)
  • Impervious to white ants and mildew
  • Rust proof galvanised steel shelves
  • Optional water proof cover available to protect plants from excessive rainfall


Aussie Shade & Hot Houses

provide the most versatile shade and greenhouses on the market today. The shade and greenhouses are easily adapted for all seasons, they can be rain and frost protected in winter, shaded in summer, and the conversion only takes a few minutes. They also offer versatility of design and dimensions to suit your specific needs.

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