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Our houses come complete and ready to use i.e cover, shelving, door and heavy duty pegs are all supplied.

Keep your flowers, plants and vegetables looking great in an Aussie Shade House.

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Over time Aussie Shade Houses will develop a Newsletter including hints and tips on growing specific plants, where to get the best deals on accessories such as Fertilizer, Work Benches, Seedlings and much more.





The Master/ Space Master Series

shade-houseThe Master/Space Master series are designed with the home gardener in mind.

Available with single, double or no shelving. 

While compact, the built-in shelving system means a large number of plants can be conveniently and ergonomically grown in a small space. 

There are 2 MODELS - MASTER 1.75M WIDE and the SPACE MASTER 2M WIDE, all houses come in multiples/modules of 1.2m length i.e. 1.2m, 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m long etc. 

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The Maxi Series


2The Maxi our most popular Shadehouse The Maxi is an affordable middle of the range shade or greenhouse. 

It has shelves on both sides, a centre work-bench and steel racks in the roof for hanging baskets, making this a very versatile shadehouse for the enthusiastic home gardner.

MAXI - 2.6m wide, One or Two levels of shelving + Hanging racks

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The Executive Series

3The Executive Series is a great choice for those that require a little extra space . With one or two levels of shelving (or no shelving), an island centre bench, rear shelves and hanging racks it is a fantastic utlilisation of space for those with a wide and large range of plants or vegetables.

The Executive Shade or Hot House is ideal for all the orchid or other plant growing enthusiast. 

There are 3 MODELS - EXECUTIVE G 3M WIDE (no hanging racks), EXECUTIVE H 3M WIDE (with hanging racks) and the WIDE EXECUTIVE 4M WIDE (with hanging racks) All houses come in multiples/modules of 1.2m length i.e. 3.6m, 4.8m, 6m, 7.2m long etc

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The Hutch Series

hutch-seriesThe Hutch series is an extremley strong and sturdy structure designed to provide a "Mini Shade or Hot House" for those with limited space.

The shelving arrangement means you have three levels for growing plants, herbs or vegetables. 

A fantastic utilisation of a small space. Ideal for under the eaves, on decks and other small spaces.

The Hutch has a drop down door flap for protection during hot summer days and cool nights.

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Plant Stands

Plant Stand 3TWithout doubt the best Plant Stands on the market. 

Light weight but extremely strong, they will hold the heaviest pot plant. 

Easy to assemble, and to move to a different site, they come in different styles to suit your various needs.

3,2 & 1 Tier Plant stands and Custom made available.

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hutch-seriesALL YEAR ROUND ADAPTABILITY.  Grow all year round, save money and propagate your own plants, and grow your own organic vegetable and herbs.

Shade Cap - For protection over the hot summer months simply put a Shade Cap over the existing cover (see below).

Greenhouse covers are made from hightech woven Solar plastic fabric that resists ripping and tearing. Solar plastic is highly resistant to the degrading effects of Ultra-violet light and excellent plant growing properties.

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Shade Cap


For those hot summer months protect your plants from the hot burning sun with a Shade Cap. The cap fits over the existing hot house cover and can be attached in a matter of minutes. The cap has a special extended sleave which provides additional protection from the hot afternoon sun.


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Rain Cap / Full Winter Kit


hutch-seriesRain/Frost Cap is made from Solar Plastic, it is like a baby’s bonnet and can be slipped on and off depending on the weather. Provides additional frost protection, warmth and prevents rain damage to flowers and plants.

Full Winter Kit - For greater protection the Full Winter Kit (turns your shade house into a hot house), which consists of a length of solar plastic 2m high that lines the ‘walls’ of your shade house and fits inside the shade house cover plus the Rain / Frost Cap is an ideal choice.

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hutch-seriesThe Work Benches are strong and sturdy and can be used for a wide variety of tasks around the house. We offer a number of different styles to suit your various needs. All of our Work Benches come with one or two levels of galvanised steel mesh.  Corner benches and custom made available.

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Aussie Shade & Hot Houses

provide the most versatile shade and greenhouses on the market today. The shade and greenhouses are easily adapted for all seasons, they can be rain and frost protected in winter, shaded in summer, and the conversion only takes a few minutes. They also offer versatility of design and dimensions to suit your specific needs.

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