Aussie Shade & Hot Houses have standard Greenhouse covers to suit existing Aussie Shade & Hot House frames.
The covers can be for replacement of existing or to change from shade house to green house and vice versa.


Since 1986, Aussie Shade and Hot Houses has proudly designed and manufactured greenhouses (hothouses) for the Australian community. Their design gives great strength and the materials we select, assure maximum durability.
The Aussie greenhouses use high quality Australian materials, where available. There is no better way of enjoying the wonderful world of gardening year round than by setting up an Aussie green house. With a stylish Aussie greenhouse you will be the envy of your street. Sow and harvest crops months earlier, extend your growing season and increase your annual yield. Protect more sensitive plants that do not like the cold and frost, or having wet feet.
The Aussie green house has a number of outstanding design features that puts it in a class of its own. The roof has been designed to ensure that the sides and centre of the Aussie greenhouse have excellent growing height for plants. Shelving is built-in as standard; however our greenhouses can be provided without shelves. A number of models include centre shelving and hanging racks in the ceiling. These design features mean the maximum number of plants can be grown ergonomically inside the Aussie greenhouse, with plenty of room left to move around and tend to them. Ventilation is one of the most important components in a successful green house. Without adequate ventilation greenhouse temperatures rise too high, air movement is restricted and plant growth is significantly restricted. The Aussie greenhouse has been successfully designed with shade cloth front and back to ensure optimal growing conditions and prevent build up of plant pathogens.
To reduce the interior temperature, a specially designed shade cap can be easily slipped over the greenhouse. For the cooler months the Aussie greenhouse comes with solar plastic inserts that are placed in the front and back of the greenhouse to provide better protection for the plants.
Aussie greenhouses are a clever combination of uPVC pipe for the frame and a custom made cover of solar plastic. This creates the ideal environment for your plants all year round. With proven performance in strong winds (industrial strength pegs are provided), you will find our greenhouses from King Island to North Queensland to Fremantle. They provide pleasure, enjoyment and great growing space for their plants to their owners. Galvanised steel mesh shelves ensure the entire greenhouse is virtually maintenance free. Green houses come in easy to assemble kit form (no glues or screws), with simple, plain-English instructions. Moving or extending your growing house is a simple and easy process with an Aussie greenhouse.



Grow your vegetables all year round, achieve strong early spring growth, protect your plants better over winter or extend your growing season by simply interchanging shade covers for greenhouse covers.
Hot house covers are made from hightech woven Solar plastic fabric that resists ripping and tearing.
Solar plastic is highly resistant to the degrading effects of Ultra-violet light.
Your shade house can turn into a hot house in a matter of minutes.
Simply remove the custom made shade cloth and replace it with a solar plastic hot house cover.