Do I need a Green House or a Shade House

SUMMER house for your plants In gardening, there is not much you can do about the weather. But you can affect its impact on your plants. Give your plants their own microclimate when you build an Aussie Shade or Greenhouse (hothouse).

Greenhouse, glasshouse, hothouse – the names vary but the idea’s the same. By enclosing plants in their own little suntrap, away from frosts and chills, you can coax them to flourish outside of their normal season or climate zone. As a result, flowers and vegies start to do their thing earlier and indoor tropical plants go crazy.In the past you had the choice of either a shadehouse or greenhouse, now with Aussie Shade & Hot Houses you can have the best of both worlds – a greenhouse for those that prefer the thermal plastic covering all year round or a shadehouse to protect against the hot summer sun and then turn it into a greenhouse for the cooler months. A small shadehouse or greenhouse tucked into the backyard, will allow for potting-up favourite plants, striking cuttings and getting tomatoes to fruit earlier than everyone else in the street.

These days you can buy simple do-it-yourself greenhouses or shade house that can be put together by the home handy person. The Aussie Shade & Hot Houses frames are made entirely of a tough UV resistant PVC pipe. The shade house is covered with horticultural commercial grade shade cloth and supplemented with thermal plastic for the cooler months while the greenhouse has a thermal plastic covering. Amazingly, the whole thing comes packaged in a box. Changing the shade house to a greenhouse to protect against cold winds and cool temperatures is a simple process.

Why an Aussie Shade & Hot House?

An Australian family owned business – Australian designed and manufactured using high quality Australian material where possible

The most versatile houses on the market. Easily adapted for all seasons – can be shaded in summer, rain and frost protected in winter, completed in only a few minutes

Great value-for-money

Outstanding customer service and advice

Built-in shelving system – no back-breaking gardening in our houses

Extremely portable – easy to assemble or disassemble and move.

Strong and sturdy – won’t blow away in high winds

What do they cost?
DIY shade and greenhouses from Aussie Shade & Hot Houses start from around $1,000 for the most compact model.

Things to do in a greenhouse You can start tomatoes earlier in spring and still be harvesting in winter if you grow them in a greenhouse.
And if you don’t have much space, check out our hutch model – a mini house with a flap front. If you love striking your own plants, a greenhouse is a gift, especially in cooler climates.
You can sow seeds early, get cuttings established faster and grow plants for transferring to the garden as soon as springs warm up.
In areas that experience frosts, a greenhouse lets you enjoy the exotic delights of tropical and warm-loving plants.
Greenhouses can be purely ornamental. By filling them with lush tropical plants and orchids, you can create a glorious sanctuary to withdraw to, and potter in, during the chills of winter.


Designed and Manufactured in Australia to cater to Australian’s love of the great outdoors. Our popular modular designs cover every aspect of growers’ needs with all sizes and types of shade houses making them the most popular room in the household – the backyard.



Maintenance free Easy to assemble (in 2-3 hours approx)
Built in shelf system Unique long life PVC construction
Strong and sturdy


One piece custom shade cloth
Easily extendable (in increments of 1.2m) 
Impervious to white ants and mildew
Rust proof galvanised steel shelves
Optional water proof cover available to protect plants from excessive rainfall
Friendly Local Knowledgeable Support. You won’t find a shopping cart here, so call us for quality personal service and advice.

REMEMBER! These are DESIGNED AND MADE IN AUSTRALIA from predominately Australian sourced materials.