This is a great video that will show you have to erect an Aussie Shade & Hot House’s Shade House.

Tool Required to complete Assembly :

A rubber Mallet

A drill with a 7 mm (9/32″) and 8 mm (5/16″) drill bits.

Phillips head screw driver.

A hammer to drive anchoring pegs into the ground.

Tie wire and pliers to secure anchoring pegs to frame.

The video shows how the Combo series is assembled including fitting the separate wall and roof cloths.

Australian designed and manufactured using high quality Australian material where possible. These are the most versatile shade/hot houses on the market.

Easily adapted for all seasons – can be shaded in summer, rain and frost protected in winter, completed in only a few minutes.

Usage – The single level of shelving is especially useful for even propagation of your seedlings. For those who prefer more storage space, select the double shelf option around the inside perimeter.

Frame – The frame and shelf supports are made from heavy duty tubular PVC that is sun protected. It has a life expectancy of 30+ years.

Shelving – Galvanised steel mesh, cut and shaped to fit on built-in shelf supports. Duplicated in centre roof for those requiring the plant hanging facility.

Shade Cloth  – Commercial grade cloth, which is cut, sewn and hemmed. This one-piece cloth fits over the frame like a glove and is held in place with removable plastic pins.

Hot House Cloth – Solar Shield – Hortiweave is a Solar Plastic that is a reinforced greenhouse film that consists of thin strips of clear plastic, woven together to make a sheet. This resultant sheet is then laminated with a thin layer of plastic on each side. It has high tensile strength and is tear resistant.

Door –  Hinged PVC framed door covered with shade cloth. Comes with a pad bolt for locking the possums out.

Assembly – In kit form with all pipes and fittings separately identified, the shade house is easily assembled using a rubber mallet without the aid of glues and screws. Able to be dismantled again should the need arise. Your shade or hot house will take less than a day to fully assemble.

Rain/Frost cover that extends across the top and a short way down the sides for extreme weather protection.

Guarantee 10 year guarantee on frame and fittings, a 10 year manufacturer’s UV warranty on shade cloth, and a 5 years manufacturer’s UV warranty on solar plastic.

Aussie Shade and Hot Houses