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8. Aussie Combo3 G 3.0 m Wide


  • Provide orchids/bromeliads/vegetables with the perfect growing conditions all year round
  • Converts from Shade House to Hot House in minutes
  • Increase pests control & reduce pesticide use.
  • Maximum shelf space including side, rear and centre shelves.
  • DIY installation with only a rubber mallet, drill and screwdriver.
  • Australian made from Australian materials
  • UV Stabilized frame and fittings with 30+ year life span 
  • Can easily handle 100+ km/h winds
  • Choice of shelving options included.
  • 10 year warranty on frame and fittings

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The cover is a combination of a wrap around wall kit, and a separate roof and door cover, each in solar plastic or shade cloth.

Choose the best combination for your situation. Interchange covers for summer and winter. 

No matter where you are located we have a combination for you:

  • to suit your climate
  • to suit your plants
  • to suit your position
  • to protect against strong winds, rain, frosts, or the harsh sun.

Provide the perfect growing conditions for your plants and enjoy the great results.

Wide Combo 3m wide by 3.6m long Combo kit includes:

  • Frame
  • 1 x wrap around wall kit
  • 1 x roof cover in your choice of solar plastic or shade cloth
  • Swing door with shade cloth cover and a plastic insert
  • Shelving (as ordered)
  • Heavy duty pegs

Optional Extras

  • Extra roof of solar plastic or shade cloth
  • Extra wrap around wall kit of solar plastic or shade cloth

The most versatile greenhouse come shade house on the Market !

In the past you had the choice of either a shade house or greenhouse.  Now with an Aussie Shade COMBO you can have the best of both worlds.  The best part, changing from a shade house to a greenhouse takes just a few minutes and is simple to do.

Your Aussie Combo will provide orchids/bromeliads/vegetables indeed all types of plants with the perfect growing conditions all year round.  Grow vegies all year round.

Simply buy an Aussie COMBO and your growing problems are solved.


Simply wrap the walls of the house with the supplied solar plastic.

Place the shade roof on top and you have a house with fantastic ventilation, the whole roof ventilates not just a vent or two, ideal for those hot summer days.

When the cold weather approaches, take the shade roof off and put the solar plastic roof on.  That’s it, you now have a Greenhouse


There are other combinations for different plant needs.

Wrap the house in shade cloth rather than walls of solar plastic, change the door cover from shade cloth to plastic, extend the shade cap cloth down one side to protect against the hot afternoon sun,

FIND THE PERFECT COMBINATION FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS and Aussie Shade & Hot Houses can make it for you.



Vegie Cover No Shelves, Single Level Shelves, Double Level Shelves


1.25 m, 2.46 m, 3.67 m, 4.88 m, 6.1 m, 7.3 m, 8.5 m, 9.7 m, 10.9 m, 12.15 m


50 % Black, 50% Green, 50% White, 70% Black, 70% Green, Solarshield Plastic

Height 1 Tier

Height 1 Tier: 92cm (2ft, 4ins)

Height 2 Tier

Height 2 Tier: 134cm (4ft, 5ins)

Height Centre Tier

Height Centre Tier: 92cm (3ft, 1in)


Height : 1.73m (5ft, 8ins)


Width: 9cm (3ft,)

1 review for 8. Aussie Combo3 G 3.0 m Wide

  1. Dennis Marks

    During the entire purchase of my hot house Peter’s communication was outstanding. He keep me informed at every step of the process. He was at the end of the phone to answer all questions. Even when my installer let me down he came to the rescue and put my hot house together for me. I am extremely pleased with the Combo 3.0, I purchased. It’s flexibility allows me to control the environment to grow my plants. I believe the quality of the product justifies the price. I highly recommend Aussie Shade & Hot Houses.

    Dennis Marks. Dolly Flats NSW 2429. (Coombo3 H 3m x 3.67m Shade/Hot House with double level shelves.)

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