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1. Master 1.75 m Wide


The Master series is the most compact in our range giving you a choice of single level shelving, double level shelving or without shelves.


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Versatile and robust the Master Series Shade Houses are suitable for the hobby gardener.  The Master series is the most compact in our range. You can choose one or two levels of shelving, or without shelving.

Details of your Shade House Kit:

        • Door – Front lockable hinged door covered with shade cloth & includes a door bolt.
        • Frame and Fittings – The frame and shelf supports are made from heavy duty tubular PVC that is UV-protected. The frame and fittings have a 20+ years life span.
        • Cover – Completed in shade cloth , custom sewn into one piece from commercial grade shade cloth. This one-piece cloth fits over the frame like a tea cosy and is held in place with removable plastic pins.
        • Cloth Options – 50% or 70% shade cloth in either green, black or white. Hot house Solar Shield Hortiweave fabric also available.
        • Shelving – Galvanised steel mesh-shelving cut and shaped to fit on built-in shelf supports.
        • Assembly – Sent ‘flat packed’ in kit form, all pipes and fittings separately identified, the shade house is easily assembled using a rubber mallet without the aid of glues and screws.
        • Length – starts at 1.25 m and extends in multiples of 1.2m (ie 2.46m, 3.67m etc).
        • One or two levels of shelving each side of doorway or without shelves.

Shelf Configuration:



  • A Rain/Frost Cap – Solar shield plastic roof cover to protect from extreme weather, rain, frost etc
  • Base Shelves can be added just above floor level for extra storage etc.
  • Hot House covers in Solar Shield -Hortiweave are available.
  • Replacement covers also available.



Veggie Cover No Shelf, Single Level Shelf, Double Level Shelf


1.25 m, 2.46 m, 3.67 m, 4.88 m, 6.1 m, 7.3 m, 8.5 m, 9.7 m, 10.9 m, 12.15 m


50 % Black, 50% Green, 50% White, 70% Black, 70% Green, Solarshield Plastic


Height: 2.03 m (6ft, 8ins), Width: 1.72 m (5ft, 8ins)


Width: 48cm (1ft, 7ins)

Single Level

Height: 92 cm (3ft)

Double Level

Height 1st Tier: 70 cm (2ft, 4ins), Height 2nd Tier: 134 cm (4ft, 5ins)


Height: 1.73 m (5ft, 8ins), Width: 76 cm (2ft, 6ins)

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